Let Us Decorate your Seattle Area Home or Business This Holiday Season!

Call us today at 206-941-2959 or e-mail us at info@holidayspiritlighting.com to set up a free, no-obligation, onsite estimate and design consultation. You can also try our price estimator.

We hang your Christmas Lights & Holiday Decorations for you

By working with Holiday Spirit Lighting you'll avoid all of the hassle so you can enjoy the holiday season in style.

We will:
  • Visit your home or business to provide a free estimate of our service.
    (Our estimate is guaranteed, so our bill will never surprise you).
  • Provide all necessary lights and supplies.
    (We lease our lights to our customers for the duration of the season).
  • Install the lights and decorations, set the timer if desired, and show you how to operate them.
  • Perform maintenance on the lights we install free of charge.
    (We guarantee our lights will be fixed within 48 hours).
  • Take your lights down after the holiday season with removals beginning in early January.
  • Store the lights for you during the off-season.
  • And we are committed to charitable donations each year!

We go beyond just lighting up your home or business and spreading holiday cheer throughout your community. Holiday Spirit Lighting really gets into the spirit of giving by donating a portion of our sales to a different organization at the end of each season. In past years, we have taken a conservation volunteer trip to Kenya and donated multiple holiday lighting installation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation charitable auction, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center charitable auction, and the Ovarian & Breast Cancer Alliance charitable auction.

We install top quality, energy-efficient LED lights on 90% of our installations with a goal of being 100% LED light installers in the next few seasons!

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